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Adolfo Velasquez

30 years ago I earned my first degree, General Studies, at City College of San Francisco (CCSF.) A year ago, I earned a degree in Critical Middle Eastern Studies. As a lifelong learner and resident of San Francisco, I am City College! With my candidacy for a seat on the CCSF Board of Trustees, my history with CCSF speaks for itself first as a student, then returning to work as a Career Counselor, Academic Counselor in Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS) before retiring as Chair of EOPS in 2021. While working part-time at CCSF I served as an Academic Counselor at San Francisco State University, where I worked with many CCSF transfer students.


As a former student, counselor and chair at CCSF for 20 years, I understand the inner workings of the school from the perspective of a student to management. All my experiences at CCSF, has provided me with the required knowledge and insight to be an effective board member to address the many issues that CCSF has faced beginning with the accreditation crisis in 2012 to the present financial predicament. Additionally, I would bring an insider’s perspective to the board when making decisions with policies and budget, to make CCSF a stronger and sought after educational institution, while keeping it a Community College.

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Education History

AS Electronic Engineering,
Heald Institute of Technology, 1981

AA General Studies,
CCSF, 1991

BA Psychology/Minor in Raza Studies,
SF State, 1994
Master’s in Counseling,
SF State, 2004
AA Critical Middle Eastern Studies/SWANA, CCSF, 2021
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